Padre Pio and His Work

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Where prayer and science unite with Christ crucified!

Padre Pio and His Work is a non-gubernamental association inspired by the work that Padre Pio made in Italy to improve health care for all people and in turn evangelize to "care for the body to heal the soul"

Our NGO is working on getting the necessary funds to continue the work of this saint, along with the prayer groups of Padre Pio, and start a medical project that seeks the physical and spiritual healing of people in Costa Rica and Central America.

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Other Ways to Donate...

  • To carry out this project, we need the individual contribution and the collaboration of companies wanting to sponsor this noble project.
  • Be part of our sponsors and help us make this project one of the most important medical, social and humanitarian endeavors in Costa Rica and Central America.

Our organization

  • Prayer Groups

    Discover the teachings of Padre Pio, the prayer groups and the House Relief of Suffering, which are the greatest work Padre Pio left on Earth.

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  • Populations at Risk

    See the work we have planned for Costa Rica and Central America, the scope of our project and the people who would benefit primarily with this project.

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