Padre Pío and His Work

Our NGO is a nonprofit organization whose mission is having the House Relief of Suffering in Costa Rica and Central America. This humanitarian hospital is the greatest work Padre Pío did during his life and it was his desire to have it all over the world! 

Charity Padre Pio

A Humanitarian Hospital in Central America

The greatest work for Padre Pío has been the House Relief of Suffering in Italy. It was Padre Pio´s wish to have more Casas and have them in many places around the world.

This hospital will introduce a different healthcare model in Costa Rica and Latin America. It is Padre Pío's wish to have many House Relief of Suffering in the world and this project is the cornerstone for all coming hospitals in Latin America! This is the first in many great hospitals that will help in relieving the suffering in the region.

Our non profit organization has a 30,000 square meter land in Guanacaste, one of the poorest regions in Costa Rica and we need your support to build this much needed hospital to help the immigrant population and all uninsured patients that are more than 50% in the region. The hospital blueprints are ready and you can donate to help us raise the cross!

Relief of Suffering Padre Pio
Casa Alivio del Sufrimiento
Healthcare Padre Pio

Our Mission

Padre Pio consultation

ProHealth Padre Pío

We provide free healthcare consultation and psychological support to all people, regardless of their gender, race or religious beliefs. There is a general practice consultation, a psychology consultation and a Diabesity Clinic and Smoking Cessation Program, free of charge. 

Hospital Padre Pio

House Relief of Suffering

First humanitarian hospital according to the Padre Pio's teachings which is the greatest project made by Padre Pío. At our association there's the mission to bring evangelization to all the people in need of God and this project will bring the best healthcare in Central America in order to have a new healthcare model in Costa Rica.

Padre Pio and prayer

Prayer Groups of Padre Pío

Our organization is based on prayer and the healing power both physical and spiritual wise. We get together for prayer every week in order to learn more about Padre Pío and pray to our Lord for better conditions for the people in need of quality healthcare.

Contact Us

You can visit us at our office in Guadalupe, San José

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De la Escuela Pilar Jiménez, 75 metros oeste


Phone Number: (506) 8869-7952

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM

Padre Pio
Sickness and Padre Pio
Love and Padre Pio
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Relief of Suffering Padre Pio
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